Friday, January 22, 2010

Violet loves The Book of Mormon

Last night Violet came up to Jared with The Book of Mormon in her hand and said "Daddy will you read this book to me pleeeease?" it was so cute. She climbed up on his lap and totally listened I couldn't believe it, she was so serious. He showed her the few pictures that are in there and told her the different prophets names and when she saw Jesus in a picture she yelled"JESUS!" she was so excited. That definitely made both of our nights.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daddy's Girls!!!

Well it is perfectly clear to me now that both of girls prefer Jared over me, which I actually think is adorable. This week we were leaving Chilis, and we had 2 cars there so I was going home and Jared was running to Walmart to grab us a few groceries, and Jade yells"I'm going with daddy!" and ran over to give me a kiss goodbye and said"mom I'm just a daddy's girl so I'm going with him" I said "ok",and she took off, then she came running back to me and said"Mom I love you both the same but I'm just really a daddy's girl and I need to go with him to spend time with him". I laughed and said " don't worry I know you love me thanks". Then 2 days later I'm holding Violet and I said to her while giving her a hug"Oh i just love my Violet sooo much", and she says back to me" No I'm daddy's Vi-o-wet". WOW !!! Even my one year old is being brutally honest with me. No actually it was really cute, I am just thankful my girls have such a great dad that is crazy about them too!