Sunday, May 2, 2010

Because we just wanted to have some fun.....

This is what I walked out to on Friday afternoon on our trampoline, Ryder and Violet were already inside so I yelled to them to come outside, I asked him" why on earth would you do something like this?" he replied " because we just wanted to have some fun". I didn't know wether to laugh or cry, so i grabbed my camera cause it was pretty funny. These cheese puffs were less than 2 hours old, we had barely just gotten home from the store, those little stinkers. I'm kinda bummed I missed seeing them jump on them, not that it was a good thing.

I love my GIRLS!

Violet wanted Jade to paint her toenails, I kinda thought this might be a bad idea, and that was confirmed when Violet grabbed the nail polish and dumped it on her foot and then yelled " I'm bleeding!" But look how cute they are, and they had so much fun!!!

Derek the Lizard has passed away!!!

On Friday Derek the Lizard died, there was a lot of tears, i knew they were into him, but I didn't realize him dying would be so up setting. On wed. he was not acting like himself and wouldn't eat. By Thursday he was almost totally lifeless and he died on Friday. We are having a funeral tomorrow, and barring him out back, I'm not joking, my kids are dead serious!!! Jade was the most upset she said crying hysterically, " the saddest part is that the real Derek will never meet Derek the lizard!!!" I had to try so hard not to laugh. Well I kinda miss the little guy, but I won't miss going to petco every 3-4 days to buy crickets, oh wait I might be still because the kids want to get a new lizard, but they are worried a new lizard will remind them of Derek and then they will miss him and think about how he is dead, this is in their words.

You know your kid is cute when.......

So my friends Michelle and Marci got called into nursery at church, and they have the older class, but they asked for Violet to be transfered into their class, and it got approved. Well today she was in her regular class and i told Eve her teacher i think she's supposed to be in the other class, and she said"no i'm not letting her go over there with those bigger kids, plus she just got used to being in here I'm keeping her in here", she said this very feisty ,I really like Eve she is hilarious. So after church michelle and Marci were sad and said they missed Violet and it looks like she's not going to be in our class. Who would of ever thought nursery leaders would be fighting over having my kid in their class! Violet is stinkin' cute though.