Friday, June 17, 2011

Disneyland !!!

We surprised the kids and went to disneyland, I found some tickets on craigs list for super cheap so we decided to go last minute. We woke the kids up early in the morning and said get in the car we are going to disneyland, they about crapped their pants. We had a lot of fun!

Tower of terror freaked them out!

I really like this picture of them, Krew looks so old here I can't believe he is 10!

Since it was Jades birthday we let her pick where we went to dinner, she wanted to go to Red Robin, the kids were so good, I'm sure cause they were so tired. The sang to Jade and brought her out an ice cream sundae, and of course Jared smashed herface in it, after she blew out the candle!

Jared knows exactly where every camera is on every ride that takes your picture, and he has now trained our kids to know exactly when to pose. I seriously love them, they kept going on splash mountain over and over to get a better pose. With the no shirt I think Jared nailed it, I'm pretty sure it can't get better than that! He was wearing a zip up hoody, so prior to getting on the ride he took his t-shirt off then once the ride started he un zipped the hoody so he could get it off quickly for the picture, I'm sure the lady behind him was thinking what a weirdo. Ya it might look like it's me back their but it's not, it's a stranger with her little girl! The people looking at the pictures at the end of the ride ere dying laughing and were taking pictures with their cameras of him on the screen.

Violet loved the tea cups!