Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Me and Violets baby shower

My baby shower was unreal!!! If you missed it you missed out, and it's not tacky to brag since I wasn't the one throwing it. Kelly truly went all out, her mom and Katie came in town for it, man did I feel special,they were so sweet and helped so much. My mom,Britt, Kellie Boyack, Michelle, Marci, Denett, and Jennie also helped a ton with the food and games. My friends are so great. My mom made an awsome diaper cake, and Jade and Sevin made me one too all by themselves, they were so proud. The colors of the shower were hot pink, and black, Kellys mom brought some zebra fabric and hot pink fabric to drape around the tables, it was perfect, everything looked amazing! The food was mexican themed, since it's my favorite, it was soooo good! Then for dessert we had pazzucis ( I have know idea how to spell it). Seriously it was one the best showers I have been to, thanks to those who love me. Later the next week some friends that had missed it were so bummed, they said they heard it was amazing. I felt so loved, and got so much adorable things for Violet,thanks to everyone that was apart of it.

Jade and Sevin with the diaper cake they made me.
They were having the time of their life!!!

Dyana, Carrie, Sesily, Miranda, and Michelle
Kelly, Denett, and Cindy
Nicole and Amiee
Meghan, Denett, Jade, Me, and Sevin
Stephanie, Lacy, Marci, Kendra, and Joel
Alli, Jennie, and Kellie
My Fam- Denise, Cherie, Carol, and Nicole- The Rancati hotties!!!
I love these girls!!!!
Some how there isn't a picture of my sweet momma, dangit!
This was one of the games, it was out in front of the house by the door for a cute decoration, then for the game you had to remember what was on it. Kellie Boyack was in charge of this, what a cute idea, especially since I got to keep everything on it!!!
Me in the hot seat, about to open all my presents.
Jade and Sevin were such cute helpers, they were there every step of the way!

My mom got me this Moses basket, it is so cute. I can't wait to put Violet in it.

Only 4 more weeks to go!!!!

Jade and Sevins diaper cake, they did such a good job!
My moms diaper cake. Isn't it amazing?!