Friday, July 24, 2009

I think they're excited to go swimming!

We were on our way to my moms to go swimming and I turn around and Jade, Ryder and Parker all have their goggles on, I busted up laughing and then I grabbed my camera.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jaders 1st Concert

Derek got Demi Lavato tickets for me and Jade, she was so excited to go,especially since this is her favorite singer. She wasn't quite sure exactly what you do at a concert, she thought we were going to get to meet her and be close to where she was, i think she was picturing it being a littlemore intimate,the 10,000 screaming girls was a shocker for her, she kept saying" it's so loud!why do they keep screaming?!" she also wondered why Demi won't just meet everybody, I said"Jade look around there is sooo many people here, it would take forever." she replied "Oh".David Archuleta opened for her he was really good, I can still hear little girls screaming" DAVID!!!!". It really was crazy. Demi did a great job she is such a pretty girl and very sweet, but i guess she wouldn't come out Jade was in heaven when she would sing the songs Jade knew shewas singing word for word,it was so cute. Thanks to Derek we had a fun girls night out.

We took a picture of ourselves.
Jade loved taking pictures of the TV screens and of the stage.

Jade having the time of her life!

Happy 30th Birthday Kelly!!!!

For Kellys 30th birthday a bunch of us girls went to St. George for an overnighter, we stayed at Mirandas in-laws house that they have there. We went to see Annie at the Tuacan Theatre, it was really good but it was sooo hot, 105' hot!!!!! There was the cutiest little family sitting behind us with spray bottles, they felt bad for us so they let us borrow one, that was a lifesaver I will tell you what, we were seriously sweating. Poor Denett she was dying so they let her use their spray bottle with a fan on it.
That night we stayed up until 3:30 playing games and talking. The next morning we went out to breakfast then went to the temple, it was really neat for all of us girls to go together. Afterwards we went shopping and out to a late lunch, then we headed home. It was such a fun quick getaway.
Kelly is such a great friend and such an example to me. She makes you feel so special , anyone who is friends with her knows what I mean. I am so thankful for our friendship, I can't believe we have been friends for a little over 6 years now, I don't know what I'd do without her. Here are few of the reasons I love her.... she always looks amazing, she is such a great mom and wife, she is very spiritual, she is so humble, takes magnifying her calling to a whole other level, she is an over reactor, she tells the best detailed stories ever, makes the best chocolate chip cookies( claims she can do it in her sleep), she is always concerned for others, a great listener, and she just makes you want to be a better person when you are around her.
I love you Kelly!! I hope you had a great 30th!!

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!!!
Don't I make a cute Annie, but better yet isn't Kelly a hot Daddy Warbucks, and Tirza a sweet dog?!
Isn't this set so cool?!
Here we are with the infamous spray bottle!
Denett with the spray fan! Poor thing she is 35 weeks pregnant!

Miranda was so sweet and order cupcakes for Kelly, so we could sing to her, and have a treat.
I'm pretty sure the only kind of a/c in this temple is a swamp cooler, it was so hot!!! I think thats theme for the weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Park City

 We recently went to Park City with a bunch of friends for 5 days and with no kids( thats the key part), we had so much fun, and laughed a lot thanks to Jared. We stayed in our friends the Whitings cabin up there which was gorgeous, it has 6 bedrooms all with flat screen tvs walkin closets ,and most rooms had steam showers in the bathrooms, there's a movie theatre which is unreal, ping pong table, pool table, hot tub, a small little workout room, and 2 sets of washers and dryers. There is a deck with the most beautiful view of the mountains.

This is the view from the balcony!!!
     The first day we went to the Park City Olympic Park where we zip-lined, and rode the alpine slide. Of course Russ found us a buy one get one free coupon for both rides, he is awsome! At the park they have a camp for people to go and practice ski jumping and flipping and you land in a pool, it was really neat to watch. Poor Denett couldn't do any of it since she was pregnant, but she did great at taking our pictures! Afterwards we went shopping at the outlets.

Behind us are the slides the go off of into the pools, it is crazy to watch.

Me and Jared riding up the chair lift to do the zip line and the slide, i realize in my old age I'm a little afraid of heights!

This is Russ, Brian, Kenny, and Spencer racing down the zip-line, Kenny won due to his tucking into a ball skills.

Here we are about to go, see the door our legs are against, it opens up and your going, I was freeking out , I thought it was going to be more of a free fall but it wasn't. I kept asking the guys in charge if anyone has ever gotten hurt, they were bugged with me they said NO, and Jared said that's code for shutup and go!

One of the days we went to temple square, the Salt Lake Temple is amazing!!! We wanted to do a session but when we pulled up to the parking garage it said TEMPLE CLOSED, this was such a bummer, it was closed for cleaning. So no big deal (ya right it just about tore our group apart, some of us wanted to go to another temple and others didn't, it got a little heated but after Spencer made us all group hug we got through it). We walked around temple square and went and watched the Joseph Smith video, which is a tear jerker. Joseph Smith was an amazing man!!!

We went and toured the conference building, did you know there is more than 7000 pipes on the organ?!

We played volleyball for hours my arms were beet red and sore for about 3 days, the guys played even more than us girls their games got pretty intense to say the least, Kenny dove for the ball and scraped his knee on a rock underneath the sand, it took about 4 butterfly bandages to close it up, but he did not let it slow him down.
We went to Midway to go swim in this old volcano thats right a volcano, it's now filled with water and they let up to 12 people at a time swim in it for an hour, you have to wear life vests the whole time. We played Marco Polo, and sharks and minows. While we were in Midway we ate at a little burger joint called Dairy Keen, this was the highlight for Jared because he and Russ met Elder Jeffery R Holland, he was very nice they just talked to him for a couple of minutes, he was just eating there with a few of his grand kids.

Here is a view looking up out of the volcano from the water.

When we were driving on the freeway back to Park City, Kenny yells" Spencer look out!!!!" we thought a car wrecked from but it was a truck full of hay loosing all of its hay onto the freeway, so we jumped out to help him get it out of the road and load it back on his truck, it was actually a fun experience, another guy stopped and helped, he was from New York.

In the end we asked the guy if we could take a group photo, he was happy to, the New Yorker started to walk off but we called him back. Check out Spencers arm around him, how funny is that?! Russ said little do these guys know in about 48 hrs. they are going to be all over the blogging world (he was right).

Russ brought up his Wii, which was a hit for the guys. He only has 2 controllers so Jared told him to go by our house and grab 2 of ours if he wanted to( we were already gone). So of course Russ wanted to but he wasn't so sure that Denett would want to do all t, so he told her they had to go by our house to pick up Jareds medicine that he forgot, just think how happy she was to see him come out with a bunch of wii parafanelia. Russ is so funny. Here is the guys playing Mario Kart, and Rock Band.

We played a ton of ping pong, and Spencer is the guy to try and beat, man he's good, but I did make it to the finals 3 times in around the world ping-pong!!! But who's counting?

Sorry Jaime!!! Jared took this of Jaime, she was passed out after a movie. It had been a long week of fun!