Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Sanfts had a rockin' christmas party, the theme was nightmare before christmas, we were supposed to dress up like the movie characters, basically anything black and white, but Jared went as Kiss, it kind of goes with the theme right? 

Here is Jared getting ready, he took forever being the perfectionist that he is.

Karas parents worked the bar, the guys were so in to taking shots, not hard liquor, but they were spicy shots made of tabasco sauce and other hot stuff. Crazy!!!! I didn't go near them.
Ray and Jared were non stop, everyone was chanting and cheering them on, I think they had 8 shots each, they are brave or maybe crazy is the word.
After eating and taking shots we played games, here is Kelly and Erik, they had to eat some crackers then chew gum , they won, they beat out 3 other couples.
Kara and Mike throw the best parties, it's what they are known for. After the games as couples we learned a tango dance, they actually had two dance instructors there teaching us, then as sets of three we competed, it was so much fun! 

Monday, December 15, 2008

What the SNOW!!!!

Can you believe we are in Vegas? This is crazy my kids had a blast, they loved the snow , the night it snowed Krew and Jade stayed up really late just playing in the back yard building a snow man and throwing snow balls.

Here is what we woke up to, it is so pretty out. However I must say I'm so glad we don' t live in the snow cause everyday of your kids tromping snow in and out of your house , and all of the outfit changes would be awful, but for once every 5 years I can handle that.
   Jade, Sydney, and Sevin played all morning in the snow.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jade loves to match Violet. When she wakes up in the morning she says" What's Violet wearing today mom so I can match?" I love my girls and can't imagine not having them.

student of the month

Krew recently got student of the month for academics, he was so proud of himself. The school had an awards ceremony for all the kids, each class has a student of the month for academics and citizenship. At lunch all the kids got to eat pizza with the principal he was excited. I just love Krew so much he really is such a good kid, and so kind hearted.


For halloween we kinda had a block party with our friends and neighbors we ate out front in our driveway then went around the neighborhood. I couldn't believe how crowded our development was there was so many people out. We had so much fun and got tons of candy.

October Fest

I'm finally getting around to blogging halloween. We had so much fun, the week before we had a party at my moms where we had our annual pumpkin carvin' contest,which if you know Jared this is very serious. All my cousins are in to it now and their goal is to beat Jared. The kids painted their pumpkins which was fun but messy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Latest

Well this whole blogging thing is harder than I thought it would be to keep up on( sorry kelly). Alot has happened in 3 weeks. Jade finally got us to take her to get her ears pierced, she was so cute about it, as we were walking in the mall she grabbed me and Jareds hands and said "I'm so nervous guys". Of course she picked pink flowers,and she sat perfectly still, when they were done she said "is that it?"she was so brave.

Violet has been on the prowl, she crawls everywhere, it is getting hard to keep track of her. She is getting such a sweet personality.

Ryder is loving pre school and is sad that it isn't everyday.  He recently went on a field trip and they hiked mtns edge he loved it Megan Jones did a yoga class for them, he came home and showed me all of his moves.Here he is ready to go.

Krew is the sweetest boy anyone could ask for, he loves to pick up Jade, Sevin, and Sydney from class and bring them out to meet us,they all come around the corner with big old smiles. We are all switching to morning kindergarten since the class has 37 kids in it and Krew is way bummed that he can't get the girls anymore.
Krews biggest stress right now is what to be for halloween he said " halloween is too stressful I just can't decide what to be". Jade wants to be a ghost, a mummy, or Gizelle on Enchanted. Ryder wants to be a transformer, and Violet is going to be a cat.

Here is some pictures of my boys, they fall asleep anywhere!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My first blog ever

Since everyone I know blogs I have finally decided to give in. Well most of you know the past 2 weeks have been full of accidents, here is cute Jaders before the bike wreck that took out her front tooth. She was racin' down the street and ate it on her face. We raced over to see grandpa Scott, he had to pull the tooth. Her 4 front teeth almost went thew her lip, and her chin got road rash. however she was excited cause shes the first one of her friends to loose a tooth, hopefully the excitement doesn't wear off cause she's not gonna have a tooth for 2 years most likely. Well 6 days later Ryder took a metal train to the head that bled uncontrollably down his face and chest, I raced to Michelle's and was BEATING on her door as if I was about to be killed, we got it under control luckily no stitches just a butterfly bandage. So 3 days from this Violet fell out of her highchair(with the assistance of her sister) and landed on her head ,she was fine after 5 minutes but it sure scared us. Then 2 days later Krew was riding his bike in the rain and wrecked. The next morning he couldn't pick his head up from the pillow, literally. I got him up and he couldn't turn it to the left or back, he turned his head like a whiplash victim for 4 days it was so sad. Well all is good now.

Jaders LOVES her sister

Jade loves, loves, loves her sister. She has her pretty princess jewelry on her. The other day she said " Dad can you believe mom had such a cute baby" and he said "ya she had you"


I love my boys!!!!

Miss Violet

My kids love baby Violet. Jade has nick named her Miss Violet. She is such a happy baby and we love her so much, I can't imagine not having her in our family, we are so blessed.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Violet 1 month old

My friend Jaime from work, who does photo on the side, took some pictures of us and Violet, she did an amazing job. I put a ton of pictures on here since there is too many good ones.

One of my favorites