Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Latest

Well this whole blogging thing is harder than I thought it would be to keep up on( sorry kelly). Alot has happened in 3 weeks. Jade finally got us to take her to get her ears pierced, she was so cute about it, as we were walking in the mall she grabbed me and Jareds hands and said "I'm so nervous guys". Of course she picked pink flowers,and she sat perfectly still, when they were done she said "is that it?"she was so brave.

Violet has been on the prowl, she crawls everywhere, it is getting hard to keep track of her. She is getting such a sweet personality.

Ryder is loving pre school and is sad that it isn't everyday.  He recently went on a field trip and they hiked mtns edge he loved it Megan Jones did a yoga class for them, he came home and showed me all of his moves.Here he is ready to go.

Krew is the sweetest boy anyone could ask for, he loves to pick up Jade, Sevin, and Sydney from class and bring them out to meet us,they all come around the corner with big old smiles. We are all switching to morning kindergarten since the class has 37 kids in it and Krew is way bummed that he can't get the girls anymore.
Krews biggest stress right now is what to be for halloween he said " halloween is too stressful I just can't decide what to be". Jade wants to be a ghost, a mummy, or Gizelle on Enchanted. Ryder wants to be a transformer, and Violet is going to be a cat.

Here is some pictures of my boys, they fall asleep anywhere!!!!