Sunday, November 28, 2010

Libby's Birthday Party

I pretty sure Libby Newbry was born to the wrong family! For her 5th birthday party she wanted to have a Star Wars party, you had to come in costume, anything Star Wars related. All of my kids were invited, Krew was going to help Jason with the Jedi training, he was so excited, but when they told him he had to let the little kids beat him he was like "WHAT?" but he did let them. There really is a Jedi named" Jedi Jade", so Jade was beyond stoked. Violet called herself "Jedi Violet", Krew was Darth Vader, and Ryder was Anikin Skywalker. They had so much fun, they gave all the kids light sabers for their party favor.
Thanks to Dave Morgan I was able to go out with my friends while all my kids were at the party, he said he would watch them all afterwards! Jared ended up taking them after the party but Dave was still awesome for offering. He has been woried about me since Jared is so sick and I'm close to break down myself. So he told Marci to plan a night out with my friends, seriously that was so sweet of him. We went to CPK and then shopped around Town Square, it was a perfect night for everyone, and for 2 hours Jared got to sleep in peace!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Violet and Preston were so happy to just sit on the back of the truck and eat candy!

Krew sprained his shoulder and had to wear a sling, so we just adjusted his costume accordingly, a zombie who got his arm cut off!

I love Jade! She is the best big sister ever! She took violet all around to the different cars.

This is all of us in the car ride over.

Check out Ryder and his "mustachio", as he calls it!

I can't believe these are all my kids! I love them!

This year Halloween seemed to go on and on and on, and we didn't even trick-or-treat on halloween since it was on a Sunday, so because of that I stressed that they would get jipped, but that was not the case. It all started on Friday with their class parties, then on Friday night we went to our friends ward trunk-or-treat, and then on Saturday night to our trunk-or-treat! By the end I was so over Halloween, and we got way to much candy, so they were just fine.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Every year we all get together to carve pumpkins at my mom's. It gets really competitive, and Jared being the artist that he is usually wins and there is always spray paint involved. This year wasn't quite as fun since Jared's sick he didn't make it and Stephen had class that night so it wasn't the same, but we still had fun. Thanks to my cousins my kids had help cause I'm not that into it. Krew was so excited cause this was the first year he did it all by himself! I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures of the final products, what was I thinking? Check out the cookies my uncle Kerry made them he is so talented!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Soccer Boys

Ryder and Sesh play soccer together they are so cute, they are really good, Sesh scores almost every game and after he does he goes running for coach Steve and hugs him. At the last game Ryder scored his first goal it was so exciting, only he didn't do a victory run like Sesh doe , he was so embarrassed from allthe people screaming his name and cheering for him he looked like he might cry. Afterwards he was so happy about it. What a way to end the season.

I'm so mad I didn't take more pictures this seasons, I don't have any of Krew or Jade.
Violet wants to play so bad or atleast dress like she plays soccer, in the morning when we are
getting ready for games she cries "where's my soccer unicorn?" Jared found some old tiny kleets
so she wears those and is pretty happy.