Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Denetts 30th B-Day

For Denetts birthday we all were trying to think of something extra special to do for her since she was turning 30,after much deliberation we came up with the idea to surprise her and rent a hummer limo and go out on the town. I was in charge of pulling off the surprise, so I called her up and asked her if she wanted to go shopping, I said the mall that way hopefully she would get ready, since she's been so sick pregnant she doesn't always get totally ready, but she still looks good.I just know that she would want to be fixed up for a limo ride! So we all meet at the park then drove to her house everyone was waiting out front with posters, so I knock on the door to get her and she's not ready yet so Russ grabs the video camera and goes out the garage and tells me to go out the front with her, sound simple right? NO, she insists on driving cause she has free gas, and has to get her purse out of her car in the garage, she's looking for Russ to say good bye but can't find him, I said lets just go, so she goes out in the garage to get her purse and the garage is open about 2 feet and she can hear Russ talking, then she sees about 12 pairs of feet standing out there and she looks at me and says "what is going on?" I said "I don't know just go out there an I gave her a little push." SURPRISE!!!!! she was so shocked, after her kids climbed around in the limo we headed for the "Welcome to Las Vegas sign" 

After we took pictures at the sign we headed down the strip.We all took turns screaming and hanging out of the sun roof, we had so much fun, hard to believe we weren't even drunk.
Here we are at Ceasars Palace to go eat at Cheese Cake Factory, we got one last picture in front of the limo, it was .so much fun.

Kelly brought the tiara and Marci made the banner. I love Denett she is one of my best friends, she is worth all the stress that went into planning the night.