Thursday, March 20, 2008

Violet 2 weeks old

Violet is a gorgious baby! I know I'm bias since I'm the mom, but I'm not even exaggerating when I say almost everywhere we go people stop to look at her and say how beautiful she is. Once we were out to eat and this lady called her husband over to look at Violet, they went on and on how pretty she was, they were upset because they didn't have their camera with them. Who does that, take a picture of a baby you don't know? She must be cute!!!

Jade tries to get in just about every picture. This baby is malled consistently!

Man I wish I was that tan.

Cutiest yawn ever!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our Family is Complete

Our sweet Violet is finally here, and we love her to pieces all ready. She is totally healthy, we had little scare when I was pregnant, but she is perfect, we are so blessed. She is absolutely beautiful for a newborn especially.
The c-section went well but all the prep before was a nightmare!!! They tried 4 times to do the IV, Seriously I had a student/intern doing it after the 3rd try the nurse took over, I already hate getting the IV so this was traumatic. Then they came to take blood, naturally it took the lady 3 tries. Now it is time for my spinal block, they first do a numbing shot, well big surprise the numbing shot only worked on half of my body, so a sharp shooting pain went down the whole side of my body when he started the spinal, he said whoa lets try something different when I screamed and jerked, he finally got me numb and away with the surgery. Was it everyones first day on the job??? At least she is here and we are doing great.

Here is Jared posing just before they took me back. We didn't get a picture of me, we were about to but they were in a hurry to get me back, the person before me was canceled.
Here she is born on February 26, 2008 at 7:54 , weighing 6 lbs 11 oz.

Jade couldn't be happier, she has been waiting so long to have a sister!

Violet had a lot of visitors, all her grandparents, Nicole, Cherie, Denise, Carol, Kelly,Brittany, Amber, Kendra,Brad, Suzy, Sevin, Nate, Jaime,Rob,and Jennie.
Just waiting to leave the hospital, and we took a couple last pictures.

Violets first time in her car seat.
When we were leaving the hospital one of the nurses flipped out over how cute Violet was and how decked out she was, she called over lots of nurses to come and check her out. It was cute.