Monday, September 15, 2008

My first blog ever

Since everyone I know blogs I have finally decided to give in. Well most of you know the past 2 weeks have been full of accidents, here is cute Jaders before the bike wreck that took out her front tooth. She was racin' down the street and ate it on her face. We raced over to see grandpa Scott, he had to pull the tooth. Her 4 front teeth almost went thew her lip, and her chin got road rash. however she was excited cause shes the first one of her friends to loose a tooth, hopefully the excitement doesn't wear off cause she's not gonna have a tooth for 2 years most likely. Well 6 days later Ryder took a metal train to the head that bled uncontrollably down his face and chest, I raced to Michelle's and was BEATING on her door as if I was about to be killed, we got it under control luckily no stitches just a butterfly bandage. So 3 days from this Violet fell out of her highchair(with the assistance of her sister) and landed on her head ,she was fine after 5 minutes but it sure scared us. Then 2 days later Krew was riding his bike in the rain and wrecked. The next morning he couldn't pick his head up from the pillow, literally. I got him up and he couldn't turn it to the left or back, he turned his head like a whiplash victim for 4 days it was so sad. Well all is good now.

Jaders LOVES her sister

Jade loves, loves, loves her sister. She has her pretty princess jewelry on her. The other day she said " Dad can you believe mom had such a cute baby" and he said "ya she had you"


I love my boys!!!!

Miss Violet

My kids love baby Violet. Jade has nick named her Miss Violet. She is such a happy baby and we love her so much, I can't imagine not having her in our family, we are so blessed.