Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jade loves to match Violet. When she wakes up in the morning she says" What's Violet wearing today mom so I can match?" I love my girls and can't imagine not having them.

student of the month

Krew recently got student of the month for academics, he was so proud of himself. The school had an awards ceremony for all the kids, each class has a student of the month for academics and citizenship. At lunch all the kids got to eat pizza with the principal he was excited. I just love Krew so much he really is such a good kid, and so kind hearted.


For halloween we kinda had a block party with our friends and neighbors we ate out front in our driveway then went around the neighborhood. I couldn't believe how crowded our development was there was so many people out. We had so much fun and got tons of candy.

October Fest

I'm finally getting around to blogging halloween. We had so much fun, the week before we had a party at my moms where we had our annual pumpkin carvin' contest,which if you know Jared this is very serious. All my cousins are in to it now and their goal is to beat Jared. The kids painted their pumpkins which was fun but messy.