Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our little boy is gone!

We just got back from taking Derek to the MTC, it's so crazy to think that he is gone. The MTC is no joke we pulled up and they had us park along the curb where 2 elders that are already in the MTC bum rush our car, open the doors and start grabbing his stuff, and say"lets go elder!", so i took a quick picture of him and Jared, then we hugged him, told him we loved him, and off he went. I am not kidding it was really that fast. My kids miss him already, it is so bitter sweet, we are so proud of him for going, and are so excited for him, but 2 years is such a long time. I can't imagine how hard it will be when it's one of my own boys, we are having a hard enough time with Derek leaving . The first morning after he left Jared came down stairs and looked over at the couch expecting to see him sleeping there and then realized oh ya he is gone. We really loved having him here, he helped out so much and was the best free babysitter anyone could ask for.
Here he is wheeling off with his luggage.

My kids love Derek so much. The first night he was gone Jade came up to me and said "mommy what do you think Derek is doing right now?"