Sunday, February 28, 2010

My baby's 2!!!

Violet loves balloons so we took her to pick out some. She wouldn't look at me to take her picture.
She is trying to show me that she is 2 but she can't get her fingers to do it.

Here is Violet with Calli, who she adores.
Violet was singing happy birthday with us! She was so funny.

She wasn't quite sure how to blow out the candle.

She was saying "It's my birthday!"

Violet just turned 2 on Friday the 26th, i can't believe how fast it has gone by, i feel like she was just born. Our family is so in love our little Miss Violet, we can't imagine life without her, she is so loving, she is absolutely hilarious, and says the funniest things. All last week she kept saying "my birthday is tumming up!". For her birthday she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, well with the strong influence of her brothers and sister, she picked to go there. She does loves to put the tokens in the machines and putting the tickets in the ticket counter, we had a good time, she was really excited to go there, and kept saying while she skips around "it's my birthday, it's my birthday!".
Some of violets favorite things are.... her daddy, her brothers and sister, playing legos (which she calls wegos), play dough, watching Biggest Loser( i kid you not, she says "mom i wanna watch biggest woser" and she will sit and watch it), she loves beans from Taco Bell, drinking apple juice, playing with her babies, following Jade around,playing with Jades kitchen, going in the stroller to pick up the kids from the bus stop, singing songs in the car( she loves anything Hannah Montana and Black Eyed Peas-"I Gotta Feeling"), and playing with Calli and Deegan (she says Tallideegan all one word). I seriously cant believe my baby is 2 years old it makes me so sad, I used to think that was weird when people said that, i thought if you miss having a baby have another one, but now I get it, because I am definitely not having another baby, but I miss her being one. Happy Birthday Violet!!! We love you!

Snaggle Tooth

Jades tooth was hanging on for dear life. Her and jared thought they were hilarious taking crazy pictures with her tooth of centered. She is so excited to send the pictures to Derek. They aren't very flattering, but Jade is still cute.

Our New Pet Derek!!!

My sweet dad just got Krew a pet bearded dragon(a lizard). Krew has been having a hard time at school with getting made fun of for being short. Sorry to say Krew but you are pretty much going to end up short, have seen me and dad ? Anyways, he's been getting called midgit man and shorty, and it's been really upsetting him, so my dad said if he can be confident and not let it get him down he could get a surprise, and this is what they came up with. Krew researched online what he wanted to get and he told me" i think i want to get a bearded dragon!" i was like " a what?! i'm not so sure about that" this was before i knew what it was exactly. Krew said" well if you didn't want one, after you read this you are sure to want one". So the little master mind brings me over to the computer to read about how kid friendly they are and how they don't bite and how the make great house pets.So he has orange stripes, and since Dereks hair is pretty much orange they named him Derek!!
Today Jade said "I miss Derek", and Krew said " the person or the lizard ?" thats a very valid question now. She sadly shouted back "the person". It was pretty funny.