Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Town Square

We went shopping at Old Navy with my mom for school clothes and we bribed the kids with going to the park and running thru the water if they were good and would try stuff on. Nicole with to help and she took all these pictures, i love them!

They love to be funny and act like they are meditating.

Look at Ryder, the girls slid down and he is still up there meditating.

Ryder is always throughin' a peace sign!

How stinkin' cute are they?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our trip to ZION!!!!

In August we went to Zionwithmy dads family, we had so much fun, andcrammed in so many fun activities into 4 days. My kids were in heaven since my uncle Curtiscame and his kids came, they are so good with my kids and love to play with them. We stayed in this amazing cabin, it had 3 bedrooms, a huge game room, a pool table, fire pit, horse shoes, and access to an awesome pool. It also was right next to a play ground, rock climbing wall, and a zip line. Every night us adults would play games until 2 am, and the kids would all just crash in the movie room watching movies or playing the Wii. It was so fun to be with all my family, we had a blast!

Our first day there we played miniture golf, and then we went zip-lining and climbed the rock wall, it was definitely an action packed day. Jade was in her element climbing the rock wall since she naturally is a monkey, she was so good and fast at it. The kids weren't scared of zip-lining at all, which kinda surprised me.

I absolutely love these 2 pictures!

Krew did not have smoothest landing!

One of the days we headed to Zion National Park, we were going to do a couple of hikes, we rode the shuttle bus around to all the stops.

Here are all the kids at the start of our 1.2 mile hike to a little waterfall.

After we got to the end of the hike the kids were climbing on the rocks and chasing lizards, Jared and I stopped and asked Brad to take our picture, as soon as he finished we both looked over and saw one of the worst things I have ever experienced watching in my life. Ryder was on top of this rock about 7 feet high, water was dripping down on it so it was covered in moss and very slippery. I guess Sesh yelled to him to run across it and as soon as he did he slid and was falling head first off of the rock, he had the look of complete fear in his eyes, I looked down and realized he was going to land on his face/head onto another rock. It was as if it was in slow motion, we were too far away to make it there in time to catch him, but we running to him non the less. My mind was racing, I was pretty sure we would be life flighting him out of there, or else Jared would be running the mile out of there with him in his arms and race to the nearest hospital. When we got to him I was scared to even look and see what Jared was picking up, I honestly thought he could possibly be dead, all of us that saw him fall thought the same thing, it was awful! He started screaming, his head was gushing blood, so Jared just held him and held his hand over the main cut. I was was trembling, we were trying to find something to apply pressure to his head with, like a shirt. A couple walked by and had a first aide kit, they were so scared, they gave us some gauze then they were just throwing everything they had at us, saying "take it all!" We used a butterfly bandaid on his forehead, and then cleaned up the rest of his cuts, he was scrapped up on his arms and legs. Once he stopped crying he was pretty dazed over and lathargic. I could not believe he was as fine as he was, I was still shaking, and looked around and realized Krew was not there, one of the kids said I think he started walking back, so I took off running, I finally caught up to him, he no clue that Ryder had even fallen, so we took off running back to where everyone was. When we got to them Jared was giving Ryder a blessing off in the bushhes with my dad, Curtis, and my grandpa. I was bummed I missed the blessing, but I was so thankful he was ok. It was seriously a miracle that he was alive.The whole hike out Jared carried him and my dad and I talked to Ryder to keep him from falling asleep, cause he kept dozing off. Within 2 hours he was running around like normal, but Jared and I were still completely shook up. All of us that witnessed him falling were at the time of the fall thinking he is probably going to be dead, I just cried thinking about it and picturing him falling in my head seriously made me want to throwup! Im so thankful he was ok and even more thankful for the priesthood. Later that day we ran into the couple that gave us the bandages, they could not believe that was Ryder running around fine, I wanted to yell "the church is true, and priesthood blessings really do work!"

Here is the dumb picture we were taking, that didn't even turn out, while Ryder almost plumitted to his death!
Ryder on the walk out, poor guy.

This is Krew and Sevin, aren't they darling?

After the hike we all got ice cream cones!

We can't forget Mr. Squirrel! These are only 3 of about the 30 pictures Jade took of the squirrel.

We hiked in to this river in a canyon, it was gorgeous! The kids got completely soaked walking back and forth to the big rock.

My cute mom and dad!

All of the sudden I couldn't find Ryder, then I spotted him over in the bushes takin' a whiz!!! It was way to funny to even get mad at him.

Jared and Brad both were tuckered out, Jared napped on this rock while we all played in the river, and Brad fell asleep on the shuttle bus back to our car.

Here's Violet getting ready to go to the pool. We went to the pool pretty much everyday, it was so fun, there was 2 water slides and a hot tub the kids were in heaven!

Ryder decided to take a swim break and draw for a little bit, he

Jade and Sesh were loved playing horse shoes with grandpa and helping gather them all up.

Jared was so excited cause he thru 2 ringers!
Violet said she was" just stretching"