Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes it was planned!

We are so excited for this baby! The first thing that comes to everyones mind is....... was this planned? and yes it was. I know it is crazy to think we were completely done, my baby is 4 and I got rid of everything! To now we are starting all over.  We fought the feeling to have another one for about 8 months and once we felt like we could handle it and were ready, I was pregnant. So it is obviously meant to be! :) My kids are so excited, it really is fun being pregnant when your kids are older and into it. Besides the fact this will be our 5th kid, I think it might be our easiest baby yet with all the helpers. We told our kids and family on mothers day, I was 9 weeks and had been to the doctor so we had an ultrasound picture. So we wrapped it up and gave it to our kids with a little note. Their reactions were priceless!

Krew said" Are you guys crazy!!??? 5 kids really???!!!"
Sweet Jade started crying and said" I don't even know why I'm crying, I think because I'm so excited."
Ryder said" I can't wait to see how fat mom gets!"
and Violet started jumping up and down on our bed yelling "I'm gonna be a big sister!"

This baby isn't even here and has already blessed our family, my kids are so into it, every night they kiss my stomach and say goodnight to the baby, well not Krew but everyone else. I feel like it has made us all closer. Jade already asked to be 4th to hold the baby she said well the nurse will be first then you and dad, so can i be next? The boys want it to be a boy, violet wants a girl but will be ok if it is a boy as long as it has long hair for her to play with, and jade just wants it to be a baby. Well she is in luck cause i'm pretty sure im not having a dog!

the baby at 9weeks