Saturday, February 9, 2013

scarlet is 2 months!

isn't she the sweetest thing you have ever seen? she just started to smile, but we couldn't get her to for the photo shoot. she weighed 8lbs. 9oz. at her well check. she can roll over from her stomach to her back, she's an over acheiver if you didn't already realize, because 2 months is pretty young to roll over!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

scarlets blessing

What a special day, a little hectic since we have 8am church (we barley made it),but so neat to have our family there. Jared gave her a beautiful blessing, she stopped crying as soon as he started talking, and my dad said scarlet looked up at jared the entire blessing! that really is so sweet! we are so thankful she has come to our family and cant imagine life without her. it has been so fun having older kids and seeing how much they love her and love to help out.

Check out violet, she is ticked she isnt holding scarlet, then once she gets her she is thrilled!
what a little stinker

                                                                     My sweet parents

 I adore my grandparents and am so thankful they came down for the blessing!
                                                                         Best sisters!

Scarlet is the best thing to ever happen to our family! everyone is obsessed in her and can never seem to get enough of her. I wonder if she will ever know how much she is loved!!!!