Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ryders pre-school party

  Violet loved the ice cream cones, she even ate Ryders.

Ryder is just like his dad, always making silly faces when he gets his picture taken.

Ryder just finished pre-school, which he loved. On the last day of school Miss Terry and Miss Cheryl had a party with different stations to go to, it was a lot of fun, they loved the shaving cream station the most. We loved Miss Terry.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Playing toothpick
Check out Violets face, she not to sure about Ryan holding her. 

Just chillin'

How cute is Denise, she is pregnant with twins, only 5 more weeks to go!!!

We went to my mom and dads for a BBQ and swimming and of course we played toothpick. My cousins were there and our friends the Freemans , we had alot of fun. My dad bought the kids some new squirt guns, he's the best. Violet loved floating on the chair , swimming with Jared and throwing toys in the water. This was Violets first time really to go swimming, since last summer she was such a baby, she loved it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here is Violet saying "CHEEEEESE". She is so funny the second you pull out the camera she says cheese and drags it out forever. She also has yogurt all over face.We love her so much, if only she would wear a bow or a head band, as cute as she is she still at times gets called a boy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ryders 4th birthday

Ryder wanted to go to pump it up for his birthday, he was so excited. He knew exactly who he wanted to invite . after pump it up we went to the park and ran thru the water and had cupcakes.
I can't believe Ryder is 4, he is a funny boy, he loves.... to play mud(which means turning on the hose and making mud balls), jump on the trampoline with ice or balls, watch bakugan, play bakugans, do puzzles, play at the park, eat fudge cycles, make potions when he's in the shower, run around in underwear, pinch Violet, say poopie head, the colors red and blue, and playing with his brother and sisters. Ryder is very stubborn and can be moody. As I was asking him what he likes half way thru he was over it, when i asked again what else do you like he screamed" THAT IS ALL I LIKE!!!". That pretty much sums up his personality, in spite of his attitude we love him!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our new trampoline

For Ryder and Jades birthdays my mom got them a trampoline. They have wanted one for a long time now, a couple months ago I said ...
M- " Why don't we get a trampoline for all of your guys's birthdays, from me and dad?"
K- " No way I do not want that to be my present!"
J- " Well me and Ryder want it, and I'm pretty sure Violet does too, since she loves to watch us jump, so thats 3 against 4 so looks like we're getting it!"
How funny is she, it makes since though right?
Well Grandma and grandpa are the heros, and sure Krew will never want to jump on it (ya right). I told Ryder to thank my parents, but he is a little confused since we went as a family to get it on his birthday and they gave us the money for it , so he thinks we got it for him.
THANKS dad for putting it together!!! THe next morning they were up by 6:30 and out there jumping on it. I think we are all going to love this.

Ryder and Jade got to be the first to jump on it. By the time we were done setting it up it was 9:30 pm, but they were so excited. Jared got a little frustrated at times putting it together, Jade said " man dad you sound like uncle Rob!", That went over well..."Jade go in the house"

Playing in a box can be so much fun!!! They played in it for at least an hour.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Swine Flu Cruise

Choosing the right song is such a vital part to karaoking.

Denett is the cutest pregnant girl.

Playing games in the library.

Here's some scavenger hunt photos.

Kelly and Jared with the fart machine!

We just got back from a much needed vacation. We went on a cruise to Catalina Island, we were supposed to go to Ensanada But due to the swine flu we got re-routed, it didn't really matter the destination its more who you are with and all the fun to be had on the ship.We went with six other couples.
You would think our days would have consisted of laying out by the pool but it was cloudy and cool, but that didn't get us down. We made up a photo scavenger hunt, boys against girls and it got crazy, we had to get pictures of drunk people, biggest chest, hairiest back, whitest person and whole bunch of other crazy things. It was more fun than you would have thought.
At night we would laugh the whole way through dinner, then laugh some more while we all  karaoked. The dj was a trip she was asian, nothing against asians, she called Marci "Marchy" due to her language barrier. She was in love with Jared,she asked if he was single, and called him sexual chocolate, and she throughly enjoyed his dancing and was bummed when we would leave. After karaoke we would go dancing then to the library for games til atleast 1:00.
On our port day in Catalina we rented go carts and went around the island it was alot of fun. Then we shopped, and for quite a while we were entertained by Kellys fart machine. She had the remote and the machine was in Jareds back pack, you have no idea how funny this was. Jared hung out by the mens bathroom and as people walked by he would act sick and head to the door, or bend over to tie his shoe and one would slip out. Kelly had perfect timing and Jared had the perfect expressions.( I love Jared he is always the life of the party and makes us laugh). We would also do this in the elevators on the ship( how old are we?) it was hilarious.Oh I almost forgot, Russ had me distract Denett so he could strip down to his speedo and be laying out on this little strip of sand when we came walking back, we all thought it was funny except for Denett. Then later on the ship he went down the water slid in his speedo the drunks loved it and were chanting "speedo speedo" , again Denett didn't laugh, sorry Denett we loved it.
I can"t wait for our next cruise!!!! We had so much fun. Thanks to Nannie Nicole, Derek and my parents this was all possible. When I got home Nicole said "I don't know how you do it, this is your life every day, it was only 3 days for me, how do you get anything done, I only showered once and I didn't even have time to wash my hair, and the second you clean it's messy again". Thanks Nicole I feel validated.