Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ryders 1st Day of Pre-School

Ryder was so excited for school to start, on Tuesday morning he put his back pack on around 7 am, he was ready to go! He is going to Miss. Heather's, Krew and Jade went to her too, we just love her. Ryder isn't digging on the whole homework thing, which surprises me since all these years the other kids have had homework he has wanted to too. I figured once he went and didn't get a treat for not doing it he would quickly change his mind, so after school I said " so are we going to do our homework now so you can get a treat next time?" he said " no I'll do it next year!". Hopefully this won't be any indication of how this year will go. But that's Ryder for ya!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Almost Forgot!!

I totally left out in my last blog the fact that over the summer our washing machine flooded( Kelly was right I would forget stuff if I didn't write it down). O
ur washer is located upstairs, so it leaked through the ceiling into our down stairs bathroom!!! We were getting ready for church and I was doing Jades hair and she said "mom why is there water dripping on my head?!" we looked up to a very soggy ceiling, and then I screamed for Jared.  My brother had an extra washer so we were using that 'til it broke on us last week, so 
we are going washer shopping tonight!!!
P.S. I kid you not...... Jared had a soccer game last night(he just started playing
 since he just got clearance from the Dr. that it was ok with his shoulder). Well he fell/got tripped and jacked up his foot, he sat out the rest of the game. He went to the Quick Care this morning and they x-rayed it, luckily its not broke, but it's sprained and he's on crutches. Brittany's right, never say "what's next?". Last night I didn't know wether to cry or laugh, at first I thought he was joking. My friend Emilee said I think there is a dark cloud over Jared!!! I'm starting to think so.

This is one ugly foot! It actually looks worse in person.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is It 2010 Yet?

                           WARNING: this post is kind of negative..... Sorry :(
  I just wanted to write all this down so I could  remember it and look back and possibly laugh someday! Hopefully I don't sound like a whiner, I know we all have our trials, I just wanted to document mine this year, it is kinda funny!

This year has been a rough year for our family, Brittany Holt gets mad at me every time I say "what's next?" cause something else happens. Violet just got stitches in her eyebrow and forehead, it was awful having to help hold her down, she is stronger than you would think!!!
So lets just recap what's happened this year........ January started off with a bang, Jared was so excited to start playing soccer again, at the second game he got taken out by some big dude and landed on his shoulder which he ended up tearing his rotator cuff, tore his labrum (whatever that is), and broke his shoulder, which needed major surgery, and 5 months of physical therapy 3 times a week 2 hours every time!!! Awsome! Oh how could I forget the first 8 weeks he was in an arm machine for 6 hours a day to help prevent scare tissue from building up until physical therapy started, I love taking care of 4 kids all by myself all day and night!!!! This was seriously so hard on our family, thanks to my friends who helped take my baby when I was at work late so Jared could do the arm machine when he got home. Well just before all this he started getting very dizzy and nauseous, then it got worse the next couple of weeks over lapping with all of this shoulder crap, they thought he had vertigo, after an MRI, and lots of different Dr. visits(he went to with his big old arm brace on), they found he had a chronic sinus infection behind his eye near his right ear, which they said they couldn't treat but that would explain the dizziness and nausea,( completely stupid of us to go with that answer you will see why later), they just gave him nasal spray and some over the counter medicine. SO 2 weeks after surgery we found out Jared was loosing his job for the next school year due to budget cuts, WOW just when I thought it couldn't get much worse. In the end we were very blessed that among all the art teachers without jobs applying for the couple of jobs out there he got hired at a new school, he was so bummed to have to change schools but at least he got a job. The kids at his old school were so upset that they started a petition called"keep OG at our school" there was over 300 signatures on it, I thought that was so cute of his students and shows how much they loved Jared and why he was so sad to leave. SO a few weeks later he got a massive sinus migraine and went to quick care( it scared me how much pain he was in I've never seen him like that), they were floored that he wasn't given an antibiotic for it in the beginning when they saw he had a chronic sinus infection, once he was on the antibiotics 2 days later he felt better and wasn't dizzy anymore thankfully.  SO a couple weeks later Jared fell asleep driving, took out a light pole, and totaled his truck..... is this all really happening?! May was pretty calm( still going to physical therapy draining our bank account, but nothing new). In June is when Jade got jumped over by a horse and knocked down and broke her elbow, that was fun, a cast in the heat of summer. July was fine I'm sure Jared had a few migraines but who doesn't right? Well it's now August and the sinus migraine is back so he went to quick care and got back on those antibiotics(just for the record Jared has suffered for years from migraines, he throws up from the pain, and will get cold sweats and hot sweats, and has gotten lots of priesthood blessings but not until these 2 has he ever gone to the quick care for relief , so that shows just how painful they are) . Now it's Jared's first day at the new school and on the way in his truck at a stop light he manages to almost cut of the top of his middle finger cutting a wire with a rusty razor blade, so a quick detour to the quick care,( that he was just at 4 days earlier for the sinus infection), for stitches and a tetnous shot, he called the school to let them know he would be late, they were impressed he was still coming. Well now that brings us to Violet falling in the kitchen and landing on the chair leg corner slicing her eyebrow open exactly 1 week after Jared's stitches. 
I'm probably jinxing myself for writing all this saying what's next, but a while ago Kelly told me I should write down all thats happened cause I'll probably forget,(which isn't such a bad thing), but I can look back and think wow look what we went through, we can get through anything! Needless to say we are ready for 2010!!!!!