Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where's Violet???

We have an old family picture framed on our side table, it's the back of us all holding hands walking, I love it, except for the fact it was before Violet was born, so she obviously is not in it. Well a couple weeks ago she came crying to me holding the framed picture and said while holding back tears "Mom I can't find myself in this picture! Where am I?!" I was trying not to laugh and said"oh sweetie you weren't born yet you were still in heaven."That did not fly with her she started balling and cried "why wasn't I born yet?".
So about every other day this becomes an issue for her and upsets her, I really should put the picture away but I love it, so anyways last night she comes over to me and jared holding the picture crying "why wasn't I born yet?" and Jared said "oh are we missing one of our kids in that picture?" and she cried "it's not a kid! it's a girl! and it's me!". She is so stinkin' funny.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Violet can definitely hold her own!

The other day Ryder and Violet were fighting over something, so he hit her, and she flipped out! She attacked him and just clawed the heck out of his face. I think he learned his lesson!
Once again I wish i took pictures the day of the incident cause he was all bloody and looked way worse.

Ryder is just like Jared, he can never be serious in a picture. I seriously love this kid!

Is a spoon really that sharp?

So it was a typical Sunday morning, I was about to walk out the door to choir practice(yes you read that right I am in choir, I know crazy!) anyway Jade comes running into our room screaming"Ryder thru a spoon at me!!!" I'm thinking man how bad can that hurt? Cause she was screaming so loudly. When i finally see her she is holding her forehead, we move her hand away and there is blood everywhere, in her hair and all over her face, and the cut is gapping open. The second I saw it i knew she needed stitches. So apparently Jade did something to tick off Ryder, we have yet to figure out the whole story, but he was mad at her none the less and decided to chuck a fork at her while she lay innocently on the couch watching cartoons, and it sliced her open. So i called my mom in a panic to have her call Dr. Rodriguez, he is a plastic surgeon in her ward and he has already done stitches 3 different times for my kids, he is amazing and since my kids seem to always need stitches on their face i'm not about to go to the ER and get some hack to do them. We are so lucky to know him. So my dad and Dr. Rod just got put in the high council for their stake and they were both speaking on Sun. but in different buildings, so my mom went to the church bldg. my dad was at to talk to him as soon as he was done speaking, my dad didn't have Bens cell # with him so he went to the bldg. he was going to be at to speak at 11, he waited until about 10:50 but he had to leave cause he was speaking again at 11 in a different bldg. so he left Ben a note with the bishopric to give to him. He called me during the mtg. and said "meet me here at 11:50 as soon as i finish speaking i will dismiss myself and we will go to my house to do the stitches". Cause he had to be back to speak again at 1:00, which my sweet dad offered to give his talk for him. It sounds like a circus but in the end it all worked out. The reason we didn't wait until he was all done with church is because right after his 1:00 talk he was going straight to the airport to go to Bangladesh to do surgeries on kids with clef pallets for free for a week, he is neatest guy and so giving. He said to me" I 'm so glad this worked out and i was able to do this for you guys." Seriously who says that? most people would be bugged and not have been so willing. Jade was so brave she didn't even cry when she got the shot. These pictures don't do it justice, it just looks like a little cut, i wish i would have taken pictures that day, cause 5 days later it looks almost totally better. For the picture Jade took her bandaid off, Violet iswearing a bandaid on her forehead so she can be like Jade, she has had a bandaid on since Sunday, she puts a new one on every morning. I've ran into people this week and they are confused and say "wait i thought Jade was the one that got stitches on her forehead?" Violet is so funny.

They wanted to do a little re-enactment!!!!

Jade wanted a close up of the blue stitches for our blog, she specifically asked me to take pictures and blog this!

Monday, January 10, 2011


My kids were so excited to wake up and see the snow. They played in it for about an hour then they had to go to school. They couldn't wait to get home and play in it, little did they know it would all be melted, i was so sad for them. After school they went running in the back yard and said they were going to have a snowball fight. I was so confused cause clearly they could see the snow had melted, well they are in-genius! They filled the play kitchen that is out back with snow, the stuffed the little fridge and oven full of snow, so sure enough it was still there, so they had their snowball fight.

Violet loved trying to catch the snow in her mouth.

When the fun was over Violet came in the house screaming that her hands were freezing and that the were so cold they were bleeding, and that she needed bandaids on them, so that is just what we did.