Monday, September 12, 2011

Never leave your air vent opened!!!

Jared had the air vent opened to change the filter, well in the mean time Jade managed to chuck a huge ball up in there and it got wedged in the vent, Jared is to big and heavy to go in there and lean on the tubing so we thought of him lifting Jade up in there to get it, she was thrilled and the rest of the kids were mad they couldn't. She said" It's not like this is fun, this is work and it's my fault its stuck, so I have to do it!" Yea right, work? She was so excited to get it. I left to work so I didn't get the final picture of them with the ball out, they ended up taping a knife to the end of a broom and stabbed it to get it out.

Back to School

The first day of school was crazy!!! As much as I prepared the night before it didn't seem to matter, we were still running around like crazy people trying to get out the door. Getting 3 kids to 3 different classes is a joke! Jade is in a portable so we dropped her off there, which she was not happy about, she wanted me to stay with her. Then we had to go search for Ryder and Krew's dots to line up on, and by this time the bell rang , so Krew is flipping out, there was still 10 minutes until the tardy bell but they wanted to line up with their classes. So I finally spot Ryders teacher across the playground, so then I asked a teacher where Krews dot was at and she pointed in the opposite direction, great! So Krew was fighting back the tears and said he would go find it by himself since he knew I had to take Ryder to his class. I felt awful almost all of them were upset and I felt so bad for them to start of the first day like that. I only managed to get 3 pictures since we were in such a hurry. I left there practically in tears, but in the end it was fine they all had a pretty good first day of school.

family pictures

We finally got new family pictures!!! I love them, Meghan Poort took them and did such a great job. I was lucky that my kids were so good, I did bribe them with $5 each if they were good, right away Violet said I want bubbles and water balloons, so that's exactly what she got.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

the ogdens moved!

Rob and Jennie moved to Texas the week before school started, my kids were devastated, especially Krew and Jade. Zach was so cute and made krew a necklace and gave him a stuffed animal to remember him by. Kelsie gave Jade a necklace too. My kids are so in to these keepsakes. It was really sad saying good bye, Zach, Krew, Jade and Kelsie were all crying it was heartbreaking! Zach hugged Krew, they were both crying and Zach said"I'm hugging you for 2 minutes and I'm not letting go!" Isn't that sweet. We are going to miss them so much, but we are excited for their new adventure in life. Plus now we somewhere to go visit, my kids have never been on a plane so they can't wait!