Friday, June 26, 2009

Jades new hair cut

Jade decided she wanted her hair cut off so we did it! It looks so cute on her, she was so excited to do it. The next day at church Sydney saw it and wanted it just like Jades, so that night we cut hers too. They both look so cute. Now we just got to get Sevin to join the club.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Violets 1 year pictures

Meghan Poort is amazing!!! She does such a good job, she took these pictures of Violet and literally these were the only good ones, she wasn't into it at all, she kept pulling off the head band and saying" I wanna go, I wanna go", she's a funny girl, and stubborn. We are going to take more pictures with her and Jade once Jades cast comes off, I think she will be more into it if her beloved Jade is there with her. Thanks Meghan for letting me put these on my blog.

Adri is Graduated!!!!

Before Adris graduation we went with the whole Ogden family to Cheese Cake Factory.
Isn't this a cool picture that Jennie took?

Isn't she gorgious? Well now that she is graduated she off to hair school in Provo to take after her 2 sister-in -laws, she be so good at doing hair.  Jennie was so sweet and helped her moved up there last weekend , and got her all settled in her apartment. I'm so excited for her!!!

When Adri came out Jared ran over yelling her name and hugged her, she was a little embarrassed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Sisters

Jade loves to play with Violet and Violet loves to play with Jade, it is so nice. Jade is the sweetest sister, she loves reading to her. When Jade is gone Violet walks around saying" Where's Jade? Where's Jade?". It is really cute, she is obsessed with Jade.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jades birthday party

For Jades party she new exactly what she want to do, she wanted to do hair, make-up, nails,and of course a pinata. My mom thought of also making bracelets which was a huge hit. Thanks to my mom, cousins, Kelly and Shelly everything went perfectly. Denise, Shelly and I did their hair, and Denise brought flowers and clips so they could make a flower to match their outfit, what a good idea. Kelly did their make-up which consisted of blush, eyeshadow,mascara, and lip stick. My aunt Carol did their nails,and my mom did the bracelet making. Nicole helped out everywhere, mostly with Violet. I couldn't believe how well it went the girls were in heaven.
They all looked like little princess'. 

Deciding what colors to choose is a big decision!!

Emily had fun even though here she looks miserable.
Even Violet got her hair done..... she kept it in all of 5 seconds!
Violet loved looking at herself in the mirror.
The finished Product!!!!!

Jade helped me make her ice cream cake, she wanted chocolate cake with mint ice cream.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did a horse really jump over Jade????

The other night my cousins were babysitting at their house, they wanted to go outside with the horses., Nicole said no since one of the horses was out of the corral but Denise thought it would be ok but Nicole said no. Jade said " well since Denise is older she should be in charge of us so we can go outsid." How clever of her. Well Brent was roping a fake cow head, then to make the kids laugh he started roping Denise, well it spooked the horse and it jumped over Jade and while doing so its stomach hit jade in the head and knocked her over and she landed on her elbow, ouch! They said she was in shock but never cried, she was holding her arm across her body but could move it pretty good, by moring she couldn't move it and it was swollen and black and blue so we went to the doctor and sure enough it was broke. So of course we got a pink cast, she has to wear it 3 weeks then we go back for x-rays to see if its better. I was at work so Jared took her and my mom met him there, when they were waiting for the doctor jade said" ok grandma you ask some of the questions and i'll ask some of the questions' my mom said" what questions do you have?" Jade "I don't have any." She is such a funny girl, poor thing its going to be a long track break with no swimming, but she has been a good sport and hardly even complains, she is my toughest kid. The next day Aidan comes over to play and Jade comes running in"Aidan has a blue cast on!!!" he broke his wrist how crazy is that?
Jade was excited to go to school to tell the story. The next couple of days teachers and parent asked if the story was true cause they weren't sure if their kids got the story wrong. No actually a horse really did jump over her.

Her face got a little beat up too.

Fast Asleep

These kids are passed out! On the couch is Ryder and Krew, and on the ground is Jade, Max, Jackson, and Malakai. Jareds sisters babysat for us and the Walkers, the kids all fell asleep watching a movie.

Ryder fell asleep in the middle of drawing! This kid can fall asleep anywhere!